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The effects of the solar storm that plunged the world into chaos continue to be felt by Alexia Gautreaux and the other survivors.  She is forced into hiding with her friend Reuben because of her ability to produce bursts of potent energy, but keeping it hidden proves difficult as it continues to grow and develop.

For the first time in her life she must face adversity alone when Alexia is captured by government forces.  The research they subject her to tests her spirit, but she also makes a chilling discovery:  Not only is her liberty at stake, but the fate of an entire nation could be at risk if her abilities are misused.

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Sixteen-year-old Alexia Gautreaux already has problems of her own when a massive solar storm devastates modern technology. She can cause objects to mysteriously move or break, and that ability must be kept secret.  But when her cohort Reuben helps her seek security in the swamps of Louisiana, attacks upon her home convince Alexia that the talent she resents cannot remain suppressed.  At the risk of her own safety, she must take a stand to protect the lives of those around her.



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For a sample of the book, go to my blog page and read chapter one.

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